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One More Step

Most great people have attained their greatest success
just one step beyond their greatest failure.”
-Napoleon Hill

Bumping into obstacles as we journey through life is one of the many things that characterize our sojourn here on earth.
At different stages in life, we are faced with diverse challenges and obstacles that are strong enough to make even the strongest of men throw in the towel.

It's almost impossible to find a man who has not been wounded in the battlefield of life. It's rare to find a child who didn't fall while trying to walk. It's equally rare to find a man who has not been whipped by the cruel hands of failure. What separates dreamers from achievers are the continuous steps taken.

The fear of the unknown always lurks around the corner to deter seekers from unraveling what lies ahead of them.
While some remain at a distance curious but afraid to move on for fear of failing, some others shake off the fears and defeat of yesteryears and walk on. You will ne…

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